EasyWeed Adhesive
EasyWeed Adhesive

EasyWeed Adhesive


    Create Shining Decorations For Less!

    EasyWeed Adhesive lets you create a trendy style without breaking the bank. Compatible with cost effective screen printing foils, this adhesive is a money saver and a money maker!  In addition to screen print foils, EasyWeed Adhesive is compatible with fabrics and other materials that lend themselves to adhesion. The milky colored adhesive shares benefits of EasyWeed such as a pressure sensitive carrier and low application temperature. Therefore, the standard cutting process for cuttable materials is used when working with EasyWeed Adhesive. Weeding on a dark surface will provide the best visibility. EasyWeed Adhesive can be cut with laser systems.

    EasyWeed Adhesive is CPSIA Certified, so it can be used for decorating childrens clothing and apparel.

    11.8" is actual size of 12" roll


    EasyWeed Adhesive Application Instructions
    Blade: 45°
    Cut: Shiny Side Down. Mirror Image.
    Temp: 275°F
    Pressure: Medium
    Time: 10-15 seconds
    Peel: Hot Peel