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Custom Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers

Magic Press & Go Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers are full-color heat applied transfers for light and dark garments. No weeding or masking is required and direct-to-film prints can be applied to cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100% polyester.
Simply press and go! All you need is a heat press!

Current production time on DTF Transfers is 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Rush printing is available - DTF Rush Printing Service

Custom DTF Transfer By Size

Ideal for those who want quality prints without the complexity of design layout, this service offers a straightforward solution: simply upload your design, and let us handle the rest. We'll expertly lay it out on a gang sheet, ensuring optimal use of space and print quality, tailored to the size you need.

Maximize Creativity and Efficiency with Custom DTF Gang Sheets

Unlock the full potential of your creative projects with Custom DTF Transfers by the Gang Sheet, a versatile and cost-efficient solution that minimizes waste while maximizing design flexibility. This option allows you to size and arrange your images exactly as needed, filling the sheet with as many designs as possible. Benefit from significant savings, a more sustainable production process, and the freedom to experiment with various designs, sizes, and colors all on one convenient sheet. Optimize your customization process with this streamlined approach to vibrant, tailored transfers.

Upload A Gang Sheet

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Build A Gang Sheet

A laptop with image layouts
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Sparkle and Shine with Custom Glitter DTF Transfer Gang Sheets

Transform your designs into captivating displays of light and color with our Custom Glitter DTF Transfer Gang Sheets. Each sheet is infused with a radiant rainbow glitter, enveloping your entire image in a delicate, iridescent shimmer that captivates and enchants. This unique feature ensures your creations not only stand out but also dance with the dynamic interplay of light and color, giving them an unforgettable sparkle.

DTF Transfer Application Instructions



If present, please trim off any color registration strips and order id information from around your image, using scissors. These will transfer to the garment if not removed.


Preheat the garment for 3-5 seconds to remove excess moisture. Let the garment cool before adding the transfer.

Facing up

Place the transfer on the shirt – white side down, image facing up.


Press at 300°F for 15 seconds under very firm pressure.

Let it cool

Remove the garment from the press and let it stand until it is cool enough to peel.


Peel cool.


Cover the image with parchment paper and press again for 5 seconds. You can use a Teflon sheet, butcher paper, or tissue paper.