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StarCraft CREATE Software License
StarCraft CREATE Software License
StarCraft CREATE Software License
StarCraft CREATE Software License
StarCraft CREATE Software License
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StarCraft CREATE Software License


    CREATE with freedom! CREATE with confidence! CREATE with power!

    What is StarCraft CREATE?

    StarCraft CREATE is a flexible and powerful creative design and cutting software. Compatible with over a hundred cutters/plotters, CREATE was primarily designed to be used as the brains behind the StarCraft SOLO.



    CREATE plus SOLO equals Perfection

    It's true, CREATE can cut to most of the plotter machines on the market. But it was made to integrate even tighter with your SOLO. One of the reasons that the SOLO can cut so incredibly small and fast is due to this marriage of software and machine.

    Most cutter/software combos just communicate in one direction. The software sends the design to the machine and the cutter cuts it out, maybe reporting back once it is finished. Like a printer, you send the page to print, it prints and then tells the program when it is done. CREATE and SOLO changed all that. The cutter is in constant two-way communication with your software, which allows for extremely precise blade adjustments, smooth braking around tight curves, and fast acceleration on straight lines. Game. Changed.

    Freedom Forever

    Your one-time license fee grants you permission to use the software on up to two computers FOREVER. You will never pay a monthly charge. You will never be forced to upgrade. Welcome to the land of the FREE.

    Cuts to almost ANYTHING!

    CREATE will cut to over 100 brands and models of cutters. Silhouette, Saga, Roland, Summa, and Graphtec to name just a few. CREATE aims to be as OPEN as possible, if a company will allow us to cut to their machine, CREATE will do it. If you find a cutter that you can't cut to with CREATE, please let us know and we will work to add it! All drivers are preloaded and ready to go.

    It's time to CREATE

    You don't have to wait and wonder. This software is for you. You have a huge community backing you up. We will not let you fail. It's your time. Time to CREATE!


    • Windows and Mac compatible
    • Imports many file types
    • Bold ANY font
    • Unlimited cut length
    • Robust print then cut
    • Nesting
    • Precise image tracing
    • Symmetrical mirror
    • Shapes library
    • Create rhinestone templates

    CREATE Shortcuts 

    CREATE Shortcuts

    Terminology - Silhouette Studio to CREATE

    CREATE Shortcuts

    Terminology - Cricut Design Space to CREATE

    CREATE Shortcuts

    NOTICE TO USERS OF CRICUT DESIGN SPACE AND BROTHER SCAN-N-CUT CREATE cannot directly cut with the Cricut Explore/Maker or Brother ScanNCut. You can only use CREATE to create your design and then export it as a compatible file format to use in Cricut Design Space or a USB drive for the Brother ScanNCut.