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Siser EasySubli Mask 8

Siser EasySubli Mask 8" x 10"


    The Latest Innovation in Sublimation!



    EasySubli Mask

    A Special Mask for a Special HTV

    Now that you have the sublimation solution to colored polyester and cotton garments, youll likely need the silicone solution for working with EasySubli heat transfer vinyl EasySubli Mask is unlike any other Siser® TTD Masks for print and cut heat transfer vinyl. The masking process is familiar: use a squeegee to bond the mask and printed HTV in order to keep multiple pieces aligned and applied all at once. However, the mask itself is constructed differently and as a result, is incompatible with Siser ColorPrint materials. Additionally, TTD Masks are not compatible with EasySubli HTV.

    For ease of use, EasySubli Mask is clear, silicone-based, and comes on an aerated backing. The extra tacky adhesive is key to gripping printed EasySubli HTV to remove it from the original static backing and expose the heat-activated adhesive side of the material. At this point, EasySubli is ready to be heat applied or you can place it on the masks aerated backing for storage.