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Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Scrap pack
Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Scrap pack
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Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Scrap pack

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    Dive into a world of creativity and endless possibilities with our Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Scrap Packs! Designed for crafters who love variety and surprises, our scrap packs are your gateway to exploring an array of textures, colors, and effects without committing to full rolls. Perfect for small projects, testing new ideas, or simply expanding your vinyl collection, each pack is a treasure trove of potential.

    Available Sizes for Every Project:

    • 2.5 oz Pack: Ideal for beginners or small projects.
    • 1 lb Pack: A step up for those ready to explore more.
    • 5 lb Pack: Great for regular crafters looking for variety.
    • 10 lb Pack: Ample supply for larger projects or sharing with crafting buddies.
    • 15 lb Pack: The ultimate pack for the dedicated crafter with endless ideas.

    What Might You Discover? Each scrap pack is a mystery waiting to be unveiled, potentially including:

    • 3D Puff: Add dimension to your designs.
    • Siser Easy Puff: For that raised, textured look.
    • EasyWeed: A crafting favorite for its versatility.
    • Glitter: Add some sparkle to your creations.
    • EasyWeed Stretch: Perfect for stretchable fabrics.
    • Holographic: For that iridescent glow.
    • Brick 600: Thick and durable for standout pieces.
    • Metal: For a sleek, metallic finish.
    • Blackboard: Craft custom chalkboard surfaces.
    • Glow In The Dark: Light up the night with your designs.
    • Reflective: For high visibility and safety.
    • Specialty: Unique textures and finishes.
    • Patterned HTV: Fun prints and patterns for every occasion. ...and more from our extensive HTV range, including tested products and best sellers.

    Our scrap packs are curated from our full range of heat transfer vinyl products, meaning you get to experiment with materials that could include anything we sell or have tested. It’s a fantastic way to try out different HTVs without the commitment to a full roll, making it perfect for crafters who love to experiment or need a variety of styles for their projects.

    Why Choose Our HTV Scrap Packs?

    • Variety: A wide range of HTV types in one pack.
    • Value: Get more for less and reduce waste by utilizing scraps.
    • Surprise: Each pack is a mystery, adding an element of fun to your crafting.

    Ready to expand your crafting horizons? Grab an HTV Scrap Pack today and start creating something amazing!