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Melanin Ombre Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
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Melanin Ombre Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)


    Melanin Ombre pattern was originally created in 2019 by the design team of Atlanta Vinyl.

    Our Melanin Ombre pattern is printed on high-quality HTV with Eco-Solvent Inks.  Simply print and cut your design, weed the excess with ease, and mask. You say you hate masking because of all the pressure you have to apply to get the design to transfer to the mask? With the help of a squeegee patterned HTV transfers smoothly to the mask with little effort. Peeling the carrier is a snap too! Our patterned HTV applies at only 300°F, which gives you the ability to apply to special materials that require a lower application temperature.

    Applies To:
    100% cotton
    Poly/cotton blends
    100% polyester

    Application Instructions:
    Print, cut, and weed material
    Mask with TTD High Tack Mask
    Apply design at 300°F/149°C with medium pressure for 15 seconds
    Peel warm