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Lightning EasyPatterns Plus Glow HTV
Lightning EasyPatterns Plus Glow HTV

Lightning EasyPatterns Plus Glow HTV


    Lightning is EasyPatterns® Plus that now glows in the dark! These pre-printed and pre-masked patterns will “charge” under light, and glow an eerie green in the dark!

    Just like other EasyPatterns Plus designs, EasyPatterns Plus Glow does not require a masking step. Simply cut designs mirrored carrier-side down just like any other HTV, weed away the excess material, and you’re ready to apply!

    EasyPatterns Plus Glow is a great way to achieve glowing, patterned designs with just a single piece of HTV. However, it is not recommended to layer additional HTV on top, as EasyPatterns Plus Glow should be used as a top layer only.

    EasyPatterns Plus Glow is CPSIA certified.

    Applies To:
    100% cotton
    Poly/cotton blends
    100% polyester

    Application Instructions:
    Thickness: 100 Microns/3.9 Mils
    Temperature: 305°F / 150ºC
    Time: 15 Seconds
    Pressure: Medium
    Peel: Hot or Cold