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Custom Sublimation Transfers
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Custom Sublimation Transfers


    High Quality, Ready-To-Press Full-Color Custom-Printed Sublimation Transfers

    • Do not upload mirrored images.
    • Apply ready-to-press full-color custom sublimation transfers with a heat press or Cricut Easy Press at low pressure. Irons are not recommended for this ready-to-press custom sublimation transfer.
    • When pressing use a cover sheet such as butcher paper or parchment paper. Use a new sheet of paper for each transfer.
    • Apply these custom sublimation transfers to 100% Polyester garments for a vibrant look. 65% Polyester garments will produce a less vibrant, more vintage look.  Sublimation transfers should not be applied to garments that are less than 65% polyester.  Sublimation transfers cannot be applied to 100% cotton.
    • Sublimation looks best on white fabric.  Other colors may look more faded.  Sublimation cannot be seen on dark fabrics.
    • Mousepads, coasters, and mugs must have a polyester coating for proper application of the ready-to-press full-color custom sublimation transfer.
    • The percentage of polyester is the percentage of color that will be applied from the transfer.

    • Infant 5" longest side
    • Toddler/Kid 7" longest side
    • Youth 8.5" longest side
    • Adult 10.5" longest side
    • Adult Plus 12" longest side

    FULL SHEETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR GANG RUN ONLY.  Please make sure your artwork is the exact size of the sheet and contains a 1/4" margin.

    • 8.5" x 11"
    • 13" x 19"

    TURNAROUND TIME: 1-3 Business Days depending on quantity


    1. Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set timer to 60 seconds.
    3. Set Pressure at medium.
    4. Place the paper face down on garment.
    5. Cover with a non-stick sheet.
    6. Press at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds with medium pressure.
    7. Remove paper immediately and peel hot.