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StarCraft Medium Tack Clear Transfer Tape For Vinyl
StarCraft Medium Tack Clear Transfer Tape For Vinyl
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StarCraft Medium Tack Clear Transfer Tape For Vinyl



    StarCraft Medium Tack Clear Transfer Tape is the perfect universal choice for a wide range of adhesive vinyl transfer needs. This bulk clear transfer tape is easy to handle, non-yellow, and works excellent for wet and dry installation. The StarCraft Medium Tack Transfer Tape for vinyl is known for its precise application, lay smooth and flat composition as well as being resistant to curling and tunneling. The textured finish allows air pockets to easily be worked out. StarCraft's versatile Transfer Tape is the solution when creating intricate or multiple layer graphics and text with glossy or matte finish adhesive vinyl.


    • Transparent non-yellowing
    • Universal application
    • Lays flat and smooth
    • Resists curling and tunneling
    • Excellent for wet installation
    Surfaces with textures or coatings may not be designed for adhesive films to transfer and adhere or cure properly. Using a firm rubber ball to rub the vinyl onto the surface can often help with applying.
    • Compatible Vinyl: Glossy/Matte
    • Adhesive: Acrylic
    • Wet Application Installation: Excellent
    • Caliper: 3.9 mil Embossed Polypropylene
    • Color: Transparent
    • Tack Level: Medium
    • Tensile: 25MPa (3600psi)
    • Elongation: 750%
    • Adhesion To Steel: 2.1-6.5 N/100mm (2-6 oz.)
    • Shelf Life: 1 year