12" Silver EasyWeed EcoStretch HTV


    EasyWeed EcoStretch is a revolutionary product by Siser® that's leading the way in sustainable fabric decoration. Crafted with an environmentally conscious water-based solution, this innovative material maintains the beloved qualities of being soft, light, and exceptionally stretchy. What's more, it boasts an impressively low heat application requirement of just 250°F, ensuring energy efficiency and a lighter impact on your utility expenses. Not only is EasyWeed EcoStretch a delight to work with, but it also supports green practices with its 100% recyclability for both the film and carrier – aligning with our commitment to protect the planet. (Do check local recycling regulations for specifics.)

    EasyWeed EcoStretch stands out with its fine 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils thickness, comprising a water-based polyurethane blend, perfect for crafting high-end, eco-friendly garments. Explore the blend of sustainability and quality with EasyWeed EcoStretch.

    Siser EasyWeed EcoStretch is Laser-Friendly, Layerable, Iron-On, and CPSIA Certified

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