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Silky Socks™ Inserts/Jigs for Beanies (Single)
Silky Socks™ Inserts/Jigs for Beanies (Single)
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Silky Socks™ Inserts/Jigs for Beanies (Single)


    Inserts to use for the production of the Silky Socks Beanies!

    The insert will stretch the beanie some and allow you for easy laying down of the product nice and flat, as well as an easy roll technique to eliminate the line on the side.  

    Inserts are made of heavy card stock material factory cut, coated, and mass-produced making it easy for you to get straight to work instead of hand cutting your own Jig.

    Production process:  Load insert into the beanie, press one side. Then flip over and roll up the 1st side to the 2nd side a bit so the printed area covers the line around the jig, then press the 2nd side for a nearly seamless look.  

    Note:  We suggest using 2 of our beanie Jigs stacked for the "Thick" style beanie. As that beanie is quite thick and requires more Roll than the mid and thin style.  So if you use 2 Jigs together you will have a thicker insert to use with the thick-style beanies.  

    Youth sizes:  We don't offer smaller Jigs for beanies for youth sizes.  We only have 1 size. However, for the youth large this Jig should work well. For the youth small we suggest cutting the width of the Jig about 1-1.5". 

    Measurement: The Beanie measures 10" wide x 11" tall and is shaped like a beanie. This measurement includes excess height. 

    Things to Note:

    • These inserts are NOT meant to last forever. They are meant to last approximately 6 months with regular use if used properly and handled with care. After they bend, crack or break new ones would need to be ordered.  Silky Socks does not supply replacement inserts for free under any circumstances, as it's meant to be disposed of after reasonable usage and not to last forever.
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