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Siser EasyColor DTV: How-Tos, Tips, Tricks, Design Techniques and Inspiration

What if you could achieve full-color designs by printing on HTV... using nothing but your home inkjet printer? Now you can with Siser® EasyColor™ DTV™ (direct to vinyl)!

EasyColor can be fed directly through a desktop inkjet printer just like you were printing on standard copy paper— no extra equipment required. When you’re finished with printing, cut your design out and mask using TTD High Tack Mask, then you’re ready to apply!

EasyColor is designed to work with virtually any desktop printer using inkjet ink. Note that you may experience mixed results when using toner (laser) printers.

EasyColor is CPSIA certified.

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Start Your Apparel Brand With EasyColor™ DTV™!

Posted Sep 12, 2022
Duration: 4:25

Do you have complex apparel designs you'd love to get on a garment, but don't want to deal with the hassle and expense of screen printing or Direct-To-Garment printing? Siser Graphic Artist Kortez is here to demonstrate why EasyColor™ Direct To Vinyl™ is an accessible, fun, and vibrant choice for your apparel brand!

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CUSTOM Long Sleeve with EasyColor™!

Posted Sep 6, 2022
Duration: 4:47

EasyColor™ DTV™ is on the market -- making full-color, professional print quality designs accessible to anyone with an inkjet printer at home! Siser graphic artist Emily is here to show you how she made a custom long sleeve shirt with only a printer, scissors, and a home iron!

Contour Print & Cut EasyColor™ DTV™ on Silhouette Studio!

Posted Aug 30, 2022
Duration: 12:58

You can use registration marks on your EasyColor™ prints to achieve detailed contour cuts with ease! Here's how to do it in Silhouette Studio.

Contour Print & Cut EasyColor™ DTV™ on Cricut Design Space!

Posted Aug 30, 2022
Duration: 5:01

You can use registration marks on your EasyColor™ prints to achieve detailed contour cuts with ease! Here's how to do it in Cricut Design Space.

EasyColor™ DTV™ - Mixing & Layering with EasyWeed® & More!

Posted Aug 26, 2022
Duration: 39:36

We're back again with another Friday live all about EasyColor™ Direct To Vinyl™! We have been itching all week to talk about this material -- we love it as much as you do! Today we are joined by special guest Stephanie to discuss mixing various other Siser® vinyl with EasyColor™! Please come hang out, chat, and enjoy!

EasyColor™ DTV™ - Projects, Tips, Q&A, and More!

Posted Aug 17, 2022
Duration: 56:23

We've been seeing what you've created with EasyColor™ Direct To Vinyl™ so far, and we couldn't be more excited!!! We've also been getting lots of great questions lately, so we wanted to hop on live and chat with you folks about all things EasyColor™! We also have some fall-themed projects to make for you, so please feel free to join us, chat, and hang out! 


8.4" x 11" Siser EasyColor DTV (Direct-To-Vinyl)

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