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Frosty Clear - Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
Frosty Clear - Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
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Frosty Clear - Clear Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)


    The ThermoFlex® Plus Frosty Clear HTV is a thin, transparent, and UV-resistant heat transfer vinyl. It has a semi-matte finish and resembles screen print. Combine Frosty Clear dye sublimatable HTV with decorative lines to add value and pop to your designs!

    This clear iron-on vinyl is durable, weeds easily, and has a soft hand and strong grip. ThermoFlex® Plus Frosty Clear is manufactured without the pressure-sensitive carrier for easy stacking.

    Acceptable Fabrics
    Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic 
    Excluding Nylon

    Blade: 45°
    Cut: Mirror Image
    Temp: 320-330°F
    Pressure: Medium, even pressure
    Time: 15 seconds
    Peel: Cold then cover with a Teflon sheet and repress for 5 seconds
    Wash warm water. Tumble dry normal. Dry-cleaning okay.


    Sublimate on 100% Cotton with Frosty Clear

    Sublimation Instructions

    After pressing Frosty Clear to the fabric, press the sublimation transfer at 390°F for 30 seconds.  Apply medium pressure and peel hot/warm.