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Sublimation Ink


StarCraft Sublimation ink produces bright vivid colors, and sharper details than you have ever seen from your vinyl ink before.

This vibrant sublimation ink delivers richer, more vivid color on both hard and soft substrates, including heat-transfer vinyl. Changes to the capacity of the standard capacity set have yielded a savings of about 6% over other inks. These heat transfer sublimation inks deliver superior reliability and performance in sublimation printers, providing you with maximum value and the best possible image quality.

StarCraft Sublimation Ink - CMYK 4 Pack


Starcraft Sublimation Ink - 127mL bottle - Black


Starcraft Sublimation Ink - 70mL bottle - Yellow


Starcraft Sublimation Ink - 70mL bottle - Cyan


Starcraft Sublimation Ink - 70mL bottle - Magenta


Sublimation Ink Cartridge Refill Syringes ( 6-Pack )