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Spring Vibes Siser Glitter HTV Bundle
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Spring Vibes Siser Glitter HTV Bundle

$19.00 $22.99

    Embrace the renewal and joy of spring with our exclusive Spring Vibes Siser Glitter HTV Bundle. This vibrant collection is carefully curated to infuse your projects with the fresh, lively essence of spring. Featuring five captivating colors: Rainbow Plum, Lavender, Ember Orange, Lemon, and Neon Orange, each Siser Glitter HTV selection promises to make your designs sparkle and shine with the spirit of the season.

    Bundle Highlights:

    • Rainbow Plum: A mesmerizing blend of plum hues with a rainbow glitter finish that catches the light beautifully.
    • Lavender: Soft, serene, and sparkling, this lavender brings a touch of elegance and spring freshness to any project.
    • Ember Orange: Warm, fiery, and radiant, Ember Orange adds a bold pop of color with a glittery glow.
    • Lemon Sugar: Bright and cheerful, this lemon shade is like a burst of sunshine, perfect for uplifting your designs.
    • Neon Orange: Vibrant and eye-catching, Neon Orange adds an electrifying touch of glitter to your creations.