Overstock Clearance Event is coming to an end!

by Romont Johnson on April 26, 2022

Good morning,

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone that has participated in our Overstock Clearance Sale.  We’ve been able to reduce our inventory to acceptable levels in many sections of our warehouse and as a result we’ve disabled a few of the discount codes.  Here’s a list of the discount codes still available:

Siser EasyWeed Stretch HTV is 20% off with code STRETCH20

Siser EasyWeed Electric HTV is 20% off with code ELECTRIC20

Siser StripFlock Pro HTV is 20% off with code FLOCK20

Siser Holographic HTV is 20% off with code HOLO20

These codes are set to expire on or before April 30th so be sure to stock up during this Overstock Clearance Event.

The following codes have been disabled: EASY20, GLITTER20, STAR20, SUBLI15, SISER15, and SUB20.