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Navigating Discounts at AtlantaVinyl.com: A Step-by-Step Guide

At AtlantaVinyl.com, ensuring you get the best deals on our products is a top priority. However, the Shopify platform we use comes with certain limitations that require us to implement plugins for applying automatic product discounts. These can sometimes seem to conflict with discount codes, but we have a system in place to ensure you can maximize your savings seamlessly. Here’s how:

Understanding Discount Applications

Automatic Discounts vs. Discount Codes: Our site employs plugins to auto-apply discounts to products. Although it might appear that these automatic discounts are in conflict with discount codes, they are designed to work together to provide you with the best possible deal.

Ensuring Full Discount Application:

  • Cart Page: Visit the Shopping Cart page to view all discounts applied to each item in your order. Here, you'll see the order's Grand Total, which includes all currently applied discounts.
  • Checkout Page: When moving to the Checkout page, individual discount codes might not be displayed separately. Instead, our plugin combines all active discounts into one new discount code. The Grand Total from the Cart page should match the Checkout page's Subtotal, with a minor potential discrepancy of one cent.

Applying Additional Product Discounts

Adding More Discounts: You may want to apply additional product discounts at checkout. Here’s how:

  • Compatibility: Check the fine print of your additional discount code to ensure it's compatible with other discounts.
  • Removal of Plugin-Generated Code: If necessary, remove the discount code generated by our plugin (beginning with “CSAIOD”) to add another product discount.
  • Verification: Return to the cart page to re-verify discounts applied to each item and note the Grand Total.
  • Finalization: Proceeding back to the checkout page, a new plugin-generated discount code, reflecting all applied discounts, will appear.

This process ensures that you can navigate through applying multiple discounts effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy the wide range of products we offer at the best possible prices. If you encounter any issues or have questions about applying discounts, our customer service team is ready to assist you. Thank you for choosing AtlantaVinyl.com for your crafting needs!

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